The BRAVES CLUB began in 1977 under the leadership of Bruce Barton, the first president. “100 athletic supporters each donated $100 TO FOUND THE CLUB.” The UNC Pembroke Braves Club initially was organized as a semi-autonomous organization like the N.C. State Wolf pack Club. The organization was LATER changed by university officials to its present format. Many UNC Pembroke student-athletes have been helped by the Braves Club since its initial founding by this community inspired effort. As far as we know, the university has never publicly acknowledged Barton as a founder, and first president, of the Braves Club.

For more information on the Braves Club and how to make an impact on the lives of UNCP student-athletes, please contact Brian Russo, Assistant Director of Development for Athletics, at (910) 775-4339 or by email at

Joe Allen
Wayne Bailey
H.M. Baker III
Bruce Barton
James F. Bell
John R. Brayboy
Luther Britt, Jr.
Dalton Brooks
Dexter Brooks
Larry T. Brooks
Ellen J. Bryan
William M. Bryan
Gloria Canonizado
John L. Carter
Ertle Knox Chavis
Ronnie Chavis
Marilyn Christoph
Ed Crain
Earl Cummings
Jerry D. Cummings
McDuffie Cummings
William H. Dean
Dr. and Mrs. A. De’Leon
Adolph Dial
Herman Dial
Harold Ellen
James Freeman, Jr.
Joe Gallagher
Lacey Gane
Jimmy Hedgpeth
Albert C. Hunt
James Hunt
James H. Hunt
Milton Hunt
Ralph Hunt
Arlie Jacobs
Charles Jenkins
K.P. Johnson
English E. Jones
Randall S. Jones
Rod Lattie
Lois B. Lewis
Arnold Locklear
Bobby Dean Locklear
Bundy Ross Locklear
Eddie Mac Locklear
Gene Eugene Locklear
Horace Locklear
John L. Locklear
Marshall W. Locklear
R.D. Locklear III
Stacy Locklear
Thomas Earl Locklear
William E. Locklear
Bernard Lowry
Ira Pate Lowry
Oceanus Lowry
Welton Lowry
Willie Von Lowry
R.E. McCoy
Alphonso McRae, Jr.
Glenn Maynor
Gerald D. Maynor
James H. Maynor
Jeffery Maynor
Kenneth Ray Maynor
Theodore Maynor
Andre J. Nadeau
Lee Neville
Mike Olson
David E. Oxendine
H.D. Oxendine, Jr.
Harry Oxendine
Reginald Oxendine
Walter G. Oxendine
William L. Oxendine
William X. Oxendine
Jim Paul
Ray Pennington
Curtis Peirce
Hubert Prevatte
J.A. Ramsaur
R.W. Reising
Larry Roberts
John Robinson
John T. Russell
James E. Sampson
Larry Sawyer
Hubert Stone
Earl H. Strickland
Reggie Strickland
Purnell Swett
Tommy D. Swett
Clinton Thomas
V.R. Thompson
Charles W. Walters
Gene Warren
Ann Webb
Joe White
Noah Woods

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